Park Yong-seok  朴龍錫 

1972       Born in Seoul


2011       M.F.A. Visual Communication Design, Yonsei University

2004       M.F.A. Media Art, School of Visual Art, Korea National University of Arts

1998       B.F.A. Painting, Kyungwon University

Artist-in-Residence Program

2019       SeMA NANJI RESIDENCY (seoul)

2012       Old House Project (Seoul)

2011       Gyeonggi Creation Center (Gyeonggi-do)

2007       Frankfurt am Main Studio (Frankfurt)

2007       Changdong National Art Studio (Seoul)

2005       Ssamziespace Artist Studio (Seoul)

2004       Art OMI international Artists’ Colony Residency (New York, Paradise Culture Foundation)

2003       Ilju Art House Editing Program (Seoul)

1999       Ssamziespace Artist Studio (Seoul)


2016       Busan International Short Film Festival (Special Mention)

2015       Seoul Metro & Berliner Fenster (2nd Prize)

2010       Seoul International New Media Art Festival (Daeahn Award)

2009       Seoul Independent Film Festival (Special Mention)

2008       New Artist by The Korean Culture and Art Foundation

2006       New Media Festival in Seoul (Best Award)

2005       New Artist by The Korean Culture and Art Foundation

2004       DAUM Media Artist

2000       Shinsegae Art Prize

Solo Exhibitions

2017       What’s your perspective (Space Willing N Dealing, Seoul)

2008       Take Place (brainfactory, Seoul)

2008       Solo Exhibition (Changdong Studio Gallery, Seoul)

2008       Bill-ding (Frankfurt am Main Studio, Frankfurt)

2005       The Rooftop Project by Yongseok Park ‘Gabfest’ (Ssamziespace Rooftop, Seoul)

2004       Solo Exhibition (INSA Art Space, Seoul)

2001       Evaporate (126 Gallery, Seoul)

2000       AMSAAPARTMENT (Ssamzie Space Studio, Seoul)

Video&Film Festival

2020      The 12th Seoul International Extreme – Short Image & Film Festival (sesiff.org Online Screening, Seoul)

2016      The 11th Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival (GRHATAMA PUSTAKA, Indonesia)

2016       Busan International Short Film Festival (Busan Cinema Center, Busan)

2015       The 41th Seoul Independent Film Festival (CGV/Indie space, Seoul)

2015       The 19th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival (Dukla Cinema, Jihlava)

2015       Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul (Cinematheque KOFA, Seoul)

2015       The 6th Seoul Metro International Subway Film Festival (Seoul, Berlin)

2015       Independent Film Showcase (Seoul Cinema, Seoul)

2015       Indie Forum (Lotte Cinema, Seoul)

2015       Jeonju International Film Festival (MEGA Box, Jeonju)

2014       Seoul Independent Documentary  Film&Video Festival (Lotte Cinema, Seoul)

2013       Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul (Cinematheque KOFA, Seoul)

2011       The History of Korean New Media Art (Igong, Seoul)

2010       Off and Free International Film Festival (Art House MoMo, Seoul)

2010       Jeonbuk Independent Film Festival (MEGA Box, Jeonju)

2010       Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul (Art House MoMo, Seoul)

2010       Seoul International New Media Art Festival (Igong, Seoul)

2010       Jeongdongjin Independent Film&Video Festival (Jeongdong elementary school, Jeongdongjin)

2010       Indie Forum (Seoul Art Cinema, Seoul)

2010       Green Film Festival in Seoul (Lotte Cinema, Seoul)

2010       Busan International Short Film Festival (Lotte Cinema, Busan)

2009       The 35th Seoul Independent Film Festival (Indie space, Seoul)

2008       New Media Art Festival in Seoul (Igong, Seoul)

2007       The independent film and video screening (Space Cell, Seoul)

2007       New Media Festival special screening (RTV, Korea)

2006       New Media Festival in Seoul (Alternative Space Loop, Seoul)

2006       SangSangMaDang Online Theater (http://www.sangsangmadang.com)

2006       A tale of two cities (Palais de Tokyo / Pariscinema, Paris)

2006       Image Forum Festival (PARK Tower Hall/Goethe-Institute Kyoto, Tokyo / Kyoto)

2006       Independent Film Festival (Cinematheque, Busan)

2005       Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul (Seoul Art Cinema, Seoul)

2005       Independent Film Festival (Cinecore, Seoul)

2005       Jeonju International Film Festival : Critics’ Choice (MEGA Box, Jeonju)

2004       The 30th Seoul Independent Film Festival (CGV, Seoul)

2004       New Media Art Festival in Seoul (Art Cube, Seoul)

2002       Jeonju International Film Festival-Digital Video Diary (Myeongin Hall, Jeonju)

Group Exhibitions

2020      Collecting for All (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul)


2019       Dear Invasion (Open Box, Seoul)

2018       Enfants Terribles, As Ever (Donuimun Museum Village, Seoul)

2018       Independent Film (Seoullo Media Canvas, Seoul)

2016       The Discovery of Space (Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan)

2016       The Paranoid Zone (the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art , Seoul)

2015       Re-Play: 4 Platforms & 17 Events (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul)

2015       Expression and Gesticulation (Soma Drawing Center, Seoul)

2015       MOEMTUM: ART/OMI 1997-2014 (Total Museum, Seoul)

2014       Collage Art – Weaving Stories Blending Images (Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan)

2013       Ordinary Negotiation:Korean – Indonesian Artists Exchange Exhibition (Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jakarta)

2013       Abstract Art is Real (Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan)

2013       New & Now (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul)

2012       Diagnostic Mind 1 (Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul)

2012       Short, Sharp (Mulle Art Festival, Seoul)

2012       10 curators & 10 futures (Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul)

2012       Scene 16-10 (Can Foundation-Old House Project, Seoul)

2012       Shiwhaense: The Border between Land and Ocean (GCC Exhibition Hall, Ansan)

2011       2011 Maeul-Misul Project (Hwasan, Yeongcheon)

2011       Recall the City (Space O’NewWall, Seoul)

2011       Rest (Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art,  Ansan)

2010       Platform 2010 “Projected Image” (Art Sonje Museum, Seoul)

2010       Korean Experimental Film (Bunnel Street Arts Center, Alaska)

2009       Media-Archive Project (Arko Art Center, Seoul)

2009       Beginning of New Era (The Seoul site for the National Museum of Contemporary Art)

2009       VIDEO:VIDE&0 (Arko Art Center, Seoul)

2009       CITY RAY (Space BEAM, Inchon)

2009       Managing Utopia (Gallery 175, Seoul)

2009       100 Daehangro (Arko Art Center, Seoul)

2009       Another Masterpiece (Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan)

2008       Public/Art Seoul (http://www.artpublicart.org)

2008       Open Studio-Red Carpet (The National Art Studio Changdong, Seoul)

2008       The options of fragment (K-art space, Seongnam)

2008       Undefined landscape (Jungmiso, Seoul)

2008       Nowon Art Oasis (Nowon Art Center. Seoul)

2007       Writing Paintings, Painting Words (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul)

2007       In Commemoration of the 15th Anniversary of the Amity between Korea and China Contemporary Korean Art ‘Wonderland’ (National Art Museum of China, Beijing)

2007       Recycling, Inc. (Arko Art Center, Seoul)

2007       UP-AND-COMERS (Kumho Museum, Seoul)

2006       Drawing to Drawing (Soma Drawing Center, Seoul)

2006       Busan Biennale-A tale of two cities (Busan Metropolitan Museum, Busan)

2006       Crossing Cultures (Casa Asia, Barcelona)

2006       Sleeping-Dreaming (INSA Art Space, Seoul)

2005       Just lying there (Chohung gallery, Seoul)

2005       Seoul: Until Now (Charlottenborg Exhibition Hall, Copenhagen)

2005       Dong-si-sang-young Theater (175 Gallery, Seoul)

2004       Place/Space Heyri Festival 2004 (Jin Art, Gyeonggi)

2004       Art OMI Open Studio (Art OMI, New-york)

2004       A Healthy Man in his sixties (brainfactory, seoul)

2004       Young Artist’s Network (Daegu Culture & Arts Center, Daegu)

2003       VIDEO DOCUMENT (Ilju Art House, Seoul)

2003       Seoul, Discovery of Life (Alternative Space LOOP, Seoul)

2003       Park_ing (Marronnier Art Center and Park of the Korean Culture and Arts Foundation, Seoul)

2002       Indexing-A Korean Contemporary Art Scene, 2002 (http://www.kcaf.or.)

2002       Busan Biennale-Culture Meets Culture (Busan Metropolitan Museum, Busan)

2002       Asian Comments-Asian Loudspeaker Park (Center of Copenhagen, Copenhagen)

2002       Korean Air France (Ssamziespace Gallery, Seoul / La Vitrine, Paris)

2001       City & Art (Busan Metropolitan Museum, Busan)

2001       UnlimitedBigLightNewBudMuscleStrongCommend (Joungdock Library, Seoul)

2001       Disperse (Art Center, Seoul)

2001       2001 Odyssey (Sungsan Art Hall, Changwon)

2000       Open Studio (Ssamziespace Studio, Seoul)

2000       GAS-MAN flaner-City&Reportage (Alternative Space POOL, Seoul)

2000       The flow of new tendencies in Korea Art 2000-Entropy: Arow of Time (Art Center, Seoul)

2000       3st Shinsegae Art Festival (Shinsegae Gallery, Kwangju / Inchon)

1999       Cinema Sovereignty and Cultural Independence (Alternative Space POOL, Seoul)

1999       Inchon Post-Conversation (Inchon Cultural Art Center, Inchon)

1998       Seoul in Media-food, clothing, shelter (Seoul Metropolitan Museum, Seoul)

1998       Seongnam Mordernism (Seongman City Hall, Seongnam)

1998       Circumference of Art (Dukwon Gallery, Seoul)